SCAME ev central station

Connect remote nodes for remote assistance, data collection, efficiency improvement and planning support
– Management of the charging column lifecycle
– Exercise of the column, recharge transactions
– Monitoring and diagnostics of columns, maintenance, firmware update
– Secure, authorized, controlled access, multi-company solution

Charging Station for monitoring, maintenance, management of electric car charging stations
Support for OCPP 1.5 / 1.6 protocol

Nautica watches – Siti Web, Bootstrap

The website for the watches of the NAUITICA Brand ( distributed by Vertime B.V. it has been extensively renewed in Responsive Web logic while maintaining the specific functions of the previous software solution.

The site is completely based on Microsoft technology directly integrated with HTML5 and CSS3 on Bootstrap framework for the responsive web component.

Technologies: WEB, WebService, .NET, SQL Server, IIS, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5