APP Enterprise Mobility


    Complex solutions tailored to your needs


    Anytime, anywhere.

  • Integrate your information system with your web applications & apps

  • To reach your sales network, your maintenance technicians, all field workers, the end customer

  • To provide, collect, synchronize accurate, timely, geo-localized information

  • To transfer data collection and equipment control through the cloud


To do this you have to own the right tools that allow the selling and support/maintenance network, the logistics, the suppliers and the end consumers to get the right answer at the right time.
Topgraf ‘s answer is Enterprise WEB & APP: a software solution that allows the integration of the mobile devices with all the “smart” devices distributed on the territory, with the Business Information Systems and with the electronic payment systems.

TOPGRAF offers ready-to-use or easily customizable software solutions depending on the customer needs (NEARLY COMPLETE PRODUCTS).

We believe that WEB & APP is not just a multimedia product catalogue!

Always connected to your business.

Thanks to the Topgraf Enterprise WEB & APP you are always connected to your business.
We develop for the most important Smartphone and Tablet systems and we guarantee the best efficiency in every circumstances, even the worst one, thanks to the possibility to work with or without an excellent network connection.
Everywhere and at any time you can run your business easily.

Custom business APP.

We design and develop complex solutions tailored to your business needs: from the configurators to the management of the goods in stock and from the data collection to the questionnaires. In addition to this, we implement special projects such as the access and the contents distribution through the geolocalisation and/or the management of short range communication technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC) and long range communication technologies (Web, GSM. 3G, 4G).
The Topgraf Enterprise Mobility APP can face all the problems connected to your business management.