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SCAME ev central station

NEED Connect remote nodes for remote assistance, data collection, efficiency improvement and planning support SOLUTION – Management of the charging column lifecycle – Exercise of the column, recharge transactions – Monitoring and diagnostics of columns, maintenance, firmware update – Secure, authorized, controlled access, multi-company solution Charging Station for monitoring, maintenance, management of electric car charging […]

Nautica watches – Siti Web, Bootstrap

The website for the watches of the NAUITICA Brand (www.nauticawatches.com) distributed by Vertime B.V. it has been extensively renewed in Responsive Web logic while maintaining the specific functions of the previous software solution. The site is completely based on Microsoft technology directly integrated with HTML5 and CSS3 on Bootstrap framework for the responsive web component. […]

Plurima – 4Tracking APP

Logistic tracking system Through this APP developed by Topgraf for Plurima, we are able to certify transport for its duration and for the temperature constraints it has to maintain in order to establish: – The acceptability of the samples for possible laboratory tests – The acceptability to the use of products that require transport temperature […]

KONE – Albo Fornitori

The Supplier Qualification Portal, created for KONE Italia Spa, is a web application that allows the Purchasing Department of the Company to manage the qualification requests of potential suppliers in an organized and structured way. The system allows the supplier to fill in a specific questionnaire consisting of different modules, selected from a library, according […]

Plurima – PharmaTools

The main purpose of the software is to manage the flow of entry, verification, certification and delivery of drugs and parapharmaceuticals, ensuring total traceability of the production lots, in continuous alignment with the hospital management system. Traceability must be managed end to end, from the moment the goods are received in the warehouse, until delivery […]


K-DOC is a powerful document generation engine, designed and built to combine flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use. Combining the expressive power of XML to represent input data, the widespread knowledge of Microsoft Word, HTML and Javascript, with the directives of XCONF (the specific language of K-DOC) it is possible to build document templates […]

Plurima – 4Tracking

Logistic tracking system for the cold chain in the health sector. The fundamental objective is the certification of transport in terms of duration and temperature, in order to establish the acceptability of blood and tissue samples to the performance of laboratory tests, the acceptability to the use of drugs and parapharmaceuticals. In parallel, the logistic […]

MoneyPOS – Software

Just as there is a POS for credit cards (and it is safe and risk-free), there is also a POS for banknotes, and it is equally safe. An initiative Sicurtecna in collaboration with Topgraf s.r.l. www.moneypos.it

Partiricambio.it > AfterSalesTools.com

Management of Spare Parts and Technical Documentation linked to products The project mainly aims to research and order in a simple way (mainly through the use of graphic tables or EXPLODED) to the manufacturer through the Web, the Spare Parts related to more or less complex equipment and products. Through the use of new technologies […]