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K-DOC is a powerful document generation engine, designed and built to combine flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use. Combining the expressive power of XML to represent input data, the widespread knowledge of Microsoft Word, HTML and Javascript, with the directives of XCONF (the specific language of K-DOC) it is possible to build document templates […]

Plurima – 4Tracking

Logistic tracking system for the cold chain in the health sector. The fundamental objective is the certification of transport in terms of duration and temperature, in order to establish the acceptability of blood and tissue samples to the performance of laboratory tests, the acceptability to the use of drugs and parapharmaceuticals. In parallel, the logistic […]

MoneyPOS – Software

Just as there is a POS for credit cards (and it is safe and risk-free), there is also a POS for banknotes, and it is equally safe. An initiative Sicurtecna in collaboration with Topgraf s.r.l. www.moneypos.it

Lovato Electric – Websites, proprietary CMS

The new websites of Lovato Electric (www.LovatoElectric.com) and the international branches (for example: www.LovatoUSA.com) have been created using the proprietary CMS of Topgraf Srl and they have been implemented in a Microsoft environment. The websites have been presented at the Hannover Messe 2014, an important international exhibition in the field of the industrial automation and they represent the first Web […]

Mitsubishi Electric – RMI

Smart, Advanced e Professional Edition The project aims to reach several goals ranging from the systems energy efficiency improvement to the remote control and the preventive maintenance. Thanks to the systems connection to a VPN network, to the operational data collection of all devices connected to the systems, to the statistical analysis and their correlation, the […]

Lovato Electric – Synergy

Supervision and energy management software Synergy is a web-based supervision and energy management software that allows an efficient and simple electrical system monitoring and management. It has been designed to monitor and manage the LOVATO Electric products provided with a communication port. Besides the electrical measures, it allows to check all the environmental and operational information […]

Partiricambio.it > AfterSalesTools.com

Management of Spare Parts and Technical Documentation linked to products The project mainly aims to research and order in a simple way (mainly through the use of graphic tables or EXPLODED) to the manufacturer through the Web, the Spare Parts related to more or less complex equipment and products. Through the use of new technologies […]