K-DOC is a powerful document generation engine, designed and built to combine flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use.

Combining the expressive power of XML to represent input data, the widespread knowledge of Microsoft Word, HTML and Javascript, with the directives of XCONF (the specific language of K-DOC) it is possible to build document templates that an efficient server engine will transform in a few seconds, Word or PDF documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

Designed in 2007 as a standalone application for the sales force of KONE International, the software has naturally evolved towards a Server solution that could satisfy the growing needs of the Customer: support for Asian languages, management of translations charged to the Customer, modularity of templates, guaranteed benefits 24 hours a day.

The latest, most recent evolution allows to generate and print on the document an identifying QR-Code: in this way it is possible to implement sophisticated document flows that, thanks to the automatic recognition of the QR-Code, minimize the need for human intervention for routing of the document.

The installation of K-DOC at KONE is able to meet the document generation needs of over 1000 users, in over 50 countries from Australia to China, from the United Arab Emirates to Taiwan, from Italy to the United States, generating over 2000 documents per day in various formats and languages, delivering them within a few seconds to the applicant’s mailbox.

The system is completed by a sophisticated control mechanism that checks its effectiveness 24 hours a day, by an effective reporting on the performance and the “mix” of requests, from a transparent communication to the users about the processing status of their requests.

Technologies: XML, HTML, SQL Server, QR-Code, VB, Microsoft Word, IIS Server

Plurima – 4Tracking

Logistic tracking system for the cold chain in the health sector.

The fundamental objective is the certification of transport in terms of duration and temperature, in order to establish the acceptability of blood and tissue samples to the performance of laboratory tests, the acceptability to the use of drugs and parapharmaceuticals. In parallel, the logistic aspects of the transport must be certified, both for the tracking of the transported goods and for the accounting of the service.

The Topgraf proposal includes the necessary hardware, software implementation and maintenance of the system. The network of devices consists of satellite devices on board the vehicle, which have the task of interacting with the vehicle, recording the states of ignition, movement, stop, as well as collecting the temperature data from wired and wireless precision probes, installed both in the half rooms than in transported containers. Each driver uses an industrial handheld computer to collect logistic data. The data collected is concentrated in server farms, where data exchange takes place with the competent client via web services.

Embedded Linux, GPRS, GPS, Can Bus, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web

MoneyPOS – Software

Just as there is a POS for credit cards (and it is safe and risk-free), there is also a POS for banknotes, and it is equally safe.

An initiative Sicurtecna in collaboration with Topgraf s.r.l.


Lovato Electric – Websites, proprietary CMS

The new websites of Lovato Electric (www.LovatoElectric.com) and the international branches (for example: www.LovatoUSA.com) have been created using the proprietary CMS of Topgraf Srl and they have been implemented in a Microsoft environment.

The websites have been presented at the Hannover Messe 2014, an important international exhibition in the field of the industrial automation and they represent the first Web Responsive example of the proprietary CMS of Topgraf Srl.

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Mitsubishi Electric – RMI

Smart, Advanced e Professional Edition

The project aims to reach several goals ranging from the systems energy efficiency improvement to the
remote control and the preventive maintenance.

Thanks to the systems connection to a VPN network, to the operational data collection of all devices
connected to the systems, to the statistical analysis and their correlation, the user will be able to:

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Lovato Electric – Synergy

Supervision and energy management software

Synergy is a web-based supervision and energy management software that allows an efficient and simple
electrical system monitoring and management. It has been designed to monitor and manage the LOVATO Electric products provided with a communication port.
Besides the electrical measures, it allows to check all the environmental and operational information
(operational status, alarms, etc.) collected from the LOVATO Electric devices provided with a communication port and, consequently, to perform commands and configurations.

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Vertime – eCommerce FerragamoTimePieces

An e-commerce, multilingual, multi-currency, B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and customised website based on a proprietary technology, for the sale of Ferragamo luxury watches via the Internet.

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Partiricambio.it > AfterSalesTools.com

Management of Spare Parts and Technical Documentation linked to products

The project mainly aims to research and order in a simple way (mainly through the use of graphic tables or EXPLODED) to the manufacturer through the Web, the Spare Parts related to more or less complex equipment and products. Through the use of new technologies such as Smartphone / Tablet and QRCode and / or other proximity mechanisms (NFC, Bluetooth 4) the project also allows to easily distribute technical documentation to the qualified maintenance technician without the need to be seated in front of a computer At the office.

The software solution is provided in HOSTING at the TOPGRAF infrastructure or appropriately installed at the client’s Farm Farm. A BASIC solution is foreseen that includes most of the functionalities present in the system, while the CUSTOM solution provides mainly in addition direct integration with the Management Systems internal to the Company (ERP, CMS, PDM …) to manage for example the product availability and price lists, APPs, warranty spare parts management, E-commerce. Partiricambio.it is geared towards service technicians, who have access to the entire library of documents (Installation manuals, Use and Maintenance Manuals, Wiring Diagrams & Plumbing, Bulletins and Technical News) in different languages ​​associated with products . As far as the SPARE PARTS are concerned, thanks to user profiling, it is possible to associate products, price lists and specific consultation languages ​​for each registered user. The numerous search filters (textual and / or numerical) and the graphical navigation based on the Explosions (3D tables) allow a quick identification of the Spare Parts to be replaced. The E-Commerce module allows the C.A.T. and / or to the Distributor / Dealer / Agent to place purchase orders (B2B) or to purchase in real time (B2C). The use of the APPs on personal communication devices (Smartphones and / or Tablets) allow immediate access to the documentation and / or spare parts and / or other specific data (eg Warranty) of the individual model / product to the registered user based on immediately available information (registration number and / or barcode and / or QR Code).

ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web, Android, iOS, QRCode