Electrolux Professional – Service Portal

Service Portal is a complex WEB solution integrated in the company’s portal and used by the assistance and after sales maintenance network worldwide. It includes the spare parts search, identification and order with personalised price lists, the technical documentation search and visualisation related to products and spare parts and the preparation of planned maintenance plans for the most complex systems. The software and the databases are integrated with the ERP and the company Document Management System (proprietary technologies).

The project offers also an offline solution based on .NET for the Spare Parts and Documents sections that allows the users to use the software without a web connection.
The project is a good example of Customised Solution that has changed over time in order to adapt to new technologies. In fact, the first release of this project (based on LAN and distributed by CD-ROM) dates back to 1994.

Technologies: .NET, SQL Server, Web, Web Service, Single sign-on

System decommissioned on 31.12.2020