EVOCA – Spare parts Catalogue

The Spare Parts Project of EVOCA was fulfilled in 1994. At the time the company name was Zanussi Vending. This was the first project of Topgraf srl in the field of customised software development for the after sales support (after sales solutions) such as Spare Parts Management and Orders, Technical Documentation Distribution, Warranty Management, Maintenance Plans, Intervention Reports, Data Collection, remote devices management and IoT (Internet of Things).

Over the years the project has changed and many technological innovations have been introduced moving from the CD-ROM to the APPs. The current web solution has been developed using the Microsoft .NET technology and, in addition to this, APPs for Android and Apple devices (iOS) have been developed.

Nowadays the system is fully integrated with the several company software, from the ERP to the WEB company portal where each user can log in and browse using a personal account (single sign-on).

Technologies: iOS, Android, Web, Web Service, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Microsoft, QRCode