KONE – Albo Fornitori

The Supplier Qualification Portal, created for KONE Italia Spa, is a web application that allows the Purchasing Department of the Company to manage the qualification requests of potential suppliers in an organized and structured way.
The system allows the supplier to fill in a specific questionnaire consisting of different modules, selected from a library, according to the performance that the potential supplier intends. The completed questionnaire is then sent as a PDF to the e-mail address of the supplier, who will sign it in original and return it digitally, via e-mail, to the system.

Thanks to the QR-Code placed on the first page of the document, the system automatically recognizes the incoming questionnaire and combines it with the qualification practice, thus starting the appropriate evaluation and approval workflowf.

In this way, KONE Italia was able to quickly meet the requirements dictated by the legislation and internal policy on conflict of interest, qualifying around 200 suppliers within a few weeks.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Bootstrap, IIS 7.x, SQL Server, QR-CODE, WorkFlow