K-DOC is a powerful document generation engine, designed and built to combine flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use.

Combining the expressive power of XML to represent input data, the widespread knowledge of Microsoft Word, HTML and Javascript, with the directives of XCONF (the specific language of K-DOC) it is possible to build document templates that an efficient server engine will transform in a few seconds, Word or PDF documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

Designed in 2007 as a standalone application for the sales force of KONE International, the software has naturally evolved towards a Server solution that could satisfy the growing needs of the Customer: support for Asian languages, management of translations charged to the Customer, modularity of templates, guaranteed benefits 24 hours a day.

The latest, most recent evolution allows to generate and print on the document an identifying QR-Code: in this way it is possible to implement sophisticated document flows that, thanks to the automatic recognition of the QR-Code, minimize the need for human intervention for routing of the document.

The installation of K-DOC at KONE is able to meet the document generation needs of over 1000 users, in over 50 countries from Australia to China, from the United Arab Emirates to Taiwan, from Italy to the United States, generating over 2000 documents per day in various formats and languages, delivering them within a few seconds to the applicant’s mailbox.

The system is completed by a sophisticated control mechanism that checks its effectiveness 24 hours a day, by an effective reporting on the performance and the “mix” of requests, from a transparent communication to the users about the processing status of their requests.

Technologies: XML, HTML, SQL Server, QR-Code, VB, Microsoft Word, IIS Server