Software solutions for Technical Support

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Our software tailored to your needs

Our software are designed and developed in-house and every day they are updated directly from our specialists.
Every product is the result of our experience with our customers in developing special solutions that over time have turned out to be also useful for other companies that operate in different field and sectors.

TOPGRAF offers ready-to-use or easily customizable software solutions depending on the customer needs (NEARLY COMPLETE PRODUCTS).

Software solutions for Technical Support

TOPGRAF is an Italian leading company in the B2B channel in developing and offering proprietary and/or in-service solutions that aim at optimizing the after sales processes: from the management of the Legal Guarantee to the Technical Documentation distribution as indicated from the Machinery Directive, from the Spare part orders to the Intervention Reports under- and out-of-warranty, from the Maintenance Plans to the Automated Data Collection on site and the Remote Support.

The over twenty-year experience of TOPGRAF in the field is summarized in the product AfterSalesTools – Partiricambio

AfterSalesTools – Partiricambio is a ready-to-use Web based solution offered by Topgraf as an in-service solution that does not require relevant changes in the internal processes.
The software is integrated with the main Information Systems (PDM) and Business Management Software (ERP) that your company uses.

Nowadays AfterSalesTools – Partiricambio is an iOS & Android APP used by the assistance network to access to all the technical documentation of the sell-out products and it is constantly kept up to date and accessible in real time with a particular focus on the spare parts and on the customised price lists.

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the advantages of this solution

  • speed

    It optimizes the required time for the technical documentation distribution

  • precision

    It minimizes the risk of choosing the wrong spare parts and information

  • Operational excellence

    It optimizes the required time for the entry, processing and management of orders

  • efficiency

    It optimizes the customer support resources efficiency

It is an essential tool for the processing of orders under- and out-of-warranty