OTIS – Guida alla progettazione

Topgraf has developed for OTIS Italy, one of the biggest manufacturers of vertical transport systems in the world, a new tool to allow the design of elevators and escalators in the simplest and fastest possible way. Through a guided multiple choice, it is possible to accurately identify the most suitable system for the type of construction in question and therefore access all the related technical documentation.

This tool is available on the web at, which can also be reached from the link in the “Tools Online & Downloads” section of the OTIS corporate website

In addition, Topgraf implemented the version on APP, available on the Apple (iTunes) and Google (Play). stores.

This version extends the potential of the software for different devices in offline mode and is automatically updated, in the presence of a network, at each periodic update release.


Technologies: Xamarin Forms, iOS, Android, .NET (BACK END side) – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP (FRONT END side)

LAINOX – Configurator

Topgraf is committed to continuously creating applications that are useful for the digitization of business processes, including Lainox configurator of commercial offers.

The Configurator is a new Web software “step by step” procedure that allows you to set and valorize a LIST of PRICE LIST PRODUCTS or HYPOTHETICAL PRODUCTS in order to generate a professional and customized COMMERCIAL OFFER and a real “online shop” ORDER for ordering products directly from Lainox. The Configurator is based on quite complex rules of COMPATIBILITY and EXCLUSION between PRODUCTS, OPTIONALS and ACCESSORIES.

In this way, the Configurator guides the user (INTERNAL PERSONNEL, DISTRIBUTOR, DEALER) towards a correct configuration of all products, avoiding errors due to the use of old price lists or configurations that are not compatible with each other.

Different PRODUCT BRANDS, PRICE LISTS associated with the customer, groupings of PRODUCTS, OPTIONALS, ACCESSORIES, all this is managed in relation to the BRAND and the COUNTRY OF DESTINATION, in constant dialogue with the company ERP (SAP) connected via WebService and / or exchange of automated file and with pre-established frequency.

It is possible to store the offers and follow every order in Cloud mode too.

The Configurator is also accessible to unregistered Users (either end users or prospects) at the link the application allows free navigation (with standard public PRICE LIST prices) and, only after authentication with confidential credentials, it grants access to further advanced functionalities mainly oriented to Lainox sales network.

Technologies: Windows (OS), IIS (Web Server), SQL Server (DBMS), .NET (BACK END side) – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, BOOTSTRAP (FRONT END side).