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ELOMA gmbh is a German company belonging to the ALI Group which builds and sells kilns for the world of Industrial Cooking (Food Service Equipments). The software is one of the latest customizations (2018) of the product à and includes all the latest features recently developed , from integration via WebService with the management system (SAP) for real-time issuance of purchase orders, to Web-Responsive visualization, to integration with our APPs in iOS and Android environments.

The ALI group is a group of companies and brands for the professional catering world, with different types of equipment (ovens, dishwashers, blast chillers, ice machines, kitchens, refrigerated display cabinets, food storage machines). The collaboration of TOPGRAF with the group for this type of product dates back to the distant 1996 and now includes various companies such as: Comenda, Hoonved, OEM, Scotsman, Lainox, Alphatech, Mareno, Silko, Baron, Olis, Friulinox, Polaris, Ambach, Carpigiani and Eloma.

Technologies: .NET, SQL Server, Web, Web Service, Single Sign-On, iOS, Android >

Management of Spare Parts and Technical Documentation linked to products

The project mainly aims to research and order in a simple way (mainly through the use of graphic tables or EXPLODED) to the manufacturer through the Web, the Spare Parts related to more or less complex equipment and products. Through the use of new technologies such as Smartphone / Tablet and QRCode and / or other proximity mechanisms (NFC, Bluetooth 4) the project also allows to easily distribute technical documentation to the qualified maintenance technician without the need to be seated in front of a computer At the office.

The software solution is provided in HOSTING at the TOPGRAF infrastructure or appropriately installed at the client’s Farm Farm. A BASIC solution is foreseen that includes most of the functionalities present in the system, while the CUSTOM solution provides mainly in addition direct integration with the Management Systems internal to the Company (ERP, CMS, PDM …) to manage for example the product availability and price lists, APPs, warranty spare parts management, E-commerce. is geared towards service technicians, who have access to the entire library of documents (Installation manuals, Use and Maintenance Manuals, Wiring Diagrams & Plumbing, Bulletins and Technical News) in different languages ​​associated with products . As far as the SPARE PARTS are concerned, thanks to user profiling, it is possible to associate products, price lists and specific consultation languages ​​for each registered user. The numerous search filters (textual and / or numerical) and the graphical navigation based on the Explosions (3D tables) allow a quick identification of the Spare Parts to be replaced. The E-Commerce module allows the C.A.T. and / or to the Distributor / Dealer / Agent to place purchase orders (B2B) or to purchase in real time (B2C). The use of the APPs on personal communication devices (Smartphones and / or Tablets) allow immediate access to the documentation and / or spare parts and / or other specific data (eg Warranty) of the individual model / product to the registered user based on immediately available information (registration number and / or barcode and / or QR Code).

ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web, Android, iOS, QRCode