Plurima – 4Tracking APP

Logistic tracking system

Through this APP developed by Topgraf for Plurima, we are able to certify transport for its duration and for the temperature constraints it has to maintain in order to establish:
– The acceptability of the samples for possible laboratory tests
– The acceptability to the use of products that require transport temperature restrictions (food, fabrics, drugs).
– The certification of the logistical aspects of transport, both for the tracking of the goods transported and for the accounting of the service.

In summary the app offers these functions:
– Registration of the beginning and end of the operator shift;
– Registration of start and end of transport, with service sheet of the vehicle: km, supplies, accessories status, middle state;
– Tracking of loading / unloading operations, based on planned or unscheduled border (loaded packages, classification of the material, association of temperatures, operational anomalies, non-co-ordination of packages, signature of operators);
– The identification of each traced entity (operator, means, steps of loading / unloading, borderò, bubbles, containers, packages, probes) can be done with barcode, qrcode, nfc.

The app is continuously synchronized with a support website for logistics operations and operational and diagnostic verification of vehicles and smartphones.
The web site / service is equipped with connectors for integration with enterprise systems or TMS (Transport Management Systems) or WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), for the exchange of planning and final data for travel and temperatures.

Embedded Linux, GPRS, GPS, Can Bus, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web

Plurima – 4Tracking

Logistic tracking system for the cold chain in the health sector.

The fundamental objective is the certification of transport in terms of duration and temperature, in order to establish the acceptability of blood and tissue samples to the performance of laboratory tests, the acceptability to the use of drugs and parapharmaceuticals. In parallel, the logistic aspects of the transport must be certified, both for the tracking of the transported goods and for the accounting of the service.

The Topgraf proposal includes the necessary hardware, software implementation and maintenance of the system. The network of devices consists of satellite devices on board the vehicle, which have the task of interacting with the vehicle, recording the states of ignition, movement, stop, as well as collecting the temperature data from wired and wireless precision probes, installed both in the half rooms than in transported containers. Each driver uses an industrial handheld computer to collect logistic data. The data collected is concentrated in server farms, where data exchange takes place with the competent client via web services.

Embedded Linux, GPRS, GPS, Can Bus, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web