Catalog a charging station management solution (charge point) for electric cars (electric vehicle)
– Direct secure connection for data collection and indirect connection for remote execution of configuration and management UI, remote firmware update
– Communication monitoring and alarm notification
– Secure, authorized, controlled access, multi-company solution

Interconnection, data collection (approx. 80,000 samples per day per unit) and remote management of large water chillers
Platforms: Web
Cloud Data Center HA, Microsoft ASP.Net web server, security and Linux proxy
Secure network infrastructure with OpenVpn, Ethernet access, Wifi, HSDPA

SCAME ev central station

Connect remote nodes for remote assistance, data collection, efficiency improvement and planning support
– Management of the charging column lifecycle
– Exercise of the column, recharge transactions
– Monitoring and diagnostics of columns, maintenance, firmware update
– Secure, authorized, controlled access, multi-company solution

Charging Station for monitoring, maintenance, management of electric car charging stations
Support for OCPP 1.5 / 1.6 protocol

Plurima – 4Tracking APP

Logistic tracking system

Through this APP developed by Topgraf for Plurima, we are able to certify transport for its duration and for the temperature constraints it has to maintain in order to establish:
– The acceptability of the samples for possible laboratory tests
– The acceptability to the use of products that require transport temperature restrictions (food, fabrics, drugs).
– The certification of the logistical aspects of transport, both for the tracking of the goods transported and for the accounting of the service.

In summary the app offers these functions:
– Registration of the beginning and end of the operator shift;
– Registration of start and end of transport, with service sheet of the vehicle: km, supplies, accessories status, middle state;
– Tracking of loading / unloading operations, based on planned or unscheduled border (loaded packages, classification of the material, association of temperatures, operational anomalies, non-co-ordination of packages, signature of operators);
– The identification of each traced entity (operator, means, steps of loading / unloading, borderò, bubbles, containers, packages, probes) can be done with barcode, qrcode, nfc.

The app is continuously synchronized with a support website for logistics operations and operational and diagnostic verification of vehicles and smartphones.
The web site / service is equipped with connectors for integration with enterprise systems or TMS (Transport Management Systems) or WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), for the exchange of planning and final data for travel and temperatures.

Embedded Linux, GPRS, GPS, Can Bus, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web

Schneider Electric – Sabina

Sabina is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for the manufacturing process planning and control, the automated warehouse control, the programming and the data collection of semi-automatic testing stations, the creation and the transmission of test reports and the medium voltage transformers manufactured by Schneider.
The application is interfaced with SAP manufacturing and it manages the data collection of about 40 stations, the interaction with plant and warehouse PLCs and the data synchronisation with an external plant situated at a supplier’s site.

KONE – Albo Fornitori

The Supplier Qualification Portal, created for KONE Italia Spa, is a web application that allows the Purchasing Department of the Company to manage the qualification requests of potential suppliers in an organized and structured way.
The system allows the supplier to fill in a specific questionnaire consisting of different modules, selected from a library, according to the performance that the potential supplier intends. The completed questionnaire is then sent as a PDF to the e-mail address of the supplier, who will sign it in original and return it digitally, via e-mail, to the system.

Thanks to the QR-Code placed on the first page of the document, the system automatically recognizes the incoming questionnaire and combines it with the qualification practice, thus starting the appropriate evaluation and approval workflowf.

In this way, KONE Italia was able to quickly meet the requirements dictated by the legislation and internal policy on conflict of interest, qualifying around 200 suppliers within a few weeks.

Technologies: ASP.NET, Bootstrap, IIS 7.x, SQL Server, QR-CODE, WorkFlow

KONE – Fast

FAST is a web application specifically designed and implemented to allow the commercial network of the Service division of KONE Italia Spa to prepare offers quickly for the repair, modernisation and replacement of lifts, moving walks and automatic doors.

The commercial activity connected to the lift repair and modernisation requires an intense activity of condition evaluation and an engineering phase of the suggested solution. Without the assistance of a suitable software tool, a sales manager is compelled to use voluminous paper cost and price lists that often are not enough informative about the technical constraints of each solution component. The result is an enormous waste of time during the offer preparation phase, with a high risk of making mistakes that will occur only during the installation and, consequently, a costs increase and an operating margin worsening.

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AF Logistics – Ikea Track

The aim of the project is to ensure the planned transport of furniture and furniture complements. The
customer, a worldwide known multinational company of modern furniture, imposes strict quality standards on both the guaranteed delivery and the flexibility and helpfulness towards customers.
Therefore, the system has to validate all the delivery workflow steps and to record any possible non-delivery reasons and issues.

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Plurima – PharmaTools

The main purpose of the software is to manage the flow of entry, verification, certification and delivery of drugs and parapharmaceuticals, ensuring total traceability of the production lots, in continuous alignment with the hospital management system. Traceability must be managed end to end, from the moment the goods are received in the warehouse, until delivery to the department pharmacy.

The solution developed by Topgraf implements a continuous exchange of alignment with the hospital management system via web services. Purchase orders issued by the management set up a list of expected goods, which is used when accepting delivery notes. The material received is checked for conformity and condition, then it is inventoried via palmtop or via net pc, recording the supply lots with relative deadlines. The presence of drugs at risk rate or with special conservation requirements triggers notification procedures, necessary for operators to manage treatment and conservation consistently.

Embedded Linux, GPRS, GPS, Can Bus, Windows Mobile, ASP.NET, Sql Server, Web services, Web

Electrolux Professional – Service Portal

Service Portal is a complex WEB solution integrated in the company’s portal and used by the assistance and after sales maintenance network worldwide. It includes the spare parts search, identification and order with personalised price lists, the technical documentation search and visualisation related to products and spare parts and the preparation of planned maintenance plans for the most complex systems. The software and the databases are integrated with the ERP and the company Document Management System (proprietary technologies).

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K-DOC is a powerful document generation engine, designed and built to combine flexibility, performance, reliability and ease of use.

Combining the expressive power of XML to represent input data, the widespread knowledge of Microsoft Word, HTML and Javascript, with the directives of XCONF (the specific language of K-DOC) it is possible to build document templates that an efficient server engine will transform in a few seconds, Word or PDF documents will be sent to you by e-mail.

Designed in 2007 as a standalone application for the sales force of KONE International, the software has naturally evolved towards a Server solution that could satisfy the growing needs of the Customer: support for Asian languages, management of translations charged to the Customer, modularity of templates, guaranteed benefits 24 hours a day.

The latest, most recent evolution allows to generate and print on the document an identifying QR-Code: in this way it is possible to implement sophisticated document flows that, thanks to the automatic recognition of the QR-Code, minimize the need for human intervention for routing of the document.

The installation of K-DOC at KONE is able to meet the document generation needs of over 1000 users, in over 50 countries from Australia to China, from the United Arab Emirates to Taiwan, from Italy to the United States, generating over 2000 documents per day in various formats and languages, delivering them within a few seconds to the applicant’s mailbox.

The system is completed by a sophisticated control mechanism that checks its effectiveness 24 hours a day, by an effective reporting on the performance and the “mix” of requests, from a transparent communication to the users about the processing status of their requests.

Technologies: XML, HTML, SQL Server, QR-Code, VB, Microsoft Word, IIS Server